Sorrow's Point Hardbacks

 So, the special edition hardbacks for Sorrow's Point are available wherever books are sold. The special cover and alternate ending are ONLY for this edition. 

Sorrow's Point Special Edition Hardbacks Pre-Order

 Exciting news. Sorrow's Point is being released as a hardback. This special edition includes a new rocking cover and, best of all, AN ALTERNATE PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ENDING!!

Official purchase dates coming soon.

New Developments

 So, figured I would drop a little update here. Hardbacks of Horses and Maw are coming soon. I will make note of them here on the site when they are available.

I've added a Merch page, so if you want any Jimmy related goodies, there's your spot.

I've also added a section for trigger warnings for all of my books and short stories currently available.

Book 5 of The Marker Chronicles is complete and soon to be off to my editor. (Yay!)

That's about it for now. Hope everyone is having a great summer.

 MAW has finally been released on the world. Nothing more fitting for 2020 than the addition of space vampires, right?

Whoo Hoo, It's Giveaway Time

Soooo, lovlies. I know it's been awhile, but bear with me. I figured I would post here about an awesome giveaway I am helping to sponsor with the amazing fantasy author, Melissa Sercia!

Enter to win!
1st place: a Kindle Fire 8 plus 13 ebooks!
2nd place: 13 ebooks!
3rd place: 5 ebooks of their choice!
**open to US residents only**
How to Enter: Click on the link below and follow instructions.
It's been awhile since I ...

Yeah, I know. Hardy har har. Work on Book 5 of the Marker Chronicles is continuing. The re-release of Constructing Marcus will occur later this year.

Have to wait and see if there are any other fun announcements coming up.

Sorrow's Lie: Book 4 of The Marker Chronicles Available for Pre-order

My lovelies!

Just in time for Halloween, Book 4, Sorrow's Lie, will be landing on October 17, 2017. Get ready to get your freak on!


Only an Exorcist Can Confront His Demons

Jimmy Holiday, exorcist extraordinaire, is about to embark on his most unusual case yet—a baby that may be possessed by the demonic...or worse, a true demon spawn. The Order wants him to make sure it is a true case and not some hoax...or so they say.

Once Jimmy arrives, the situation changes into a living nightmare. The Order is not what he thought at all. And now, they demand he commit an unspeakable act. But Jimmy has enough scars of his own.

When the full truth of the corruption within the Order comes to light, Jimmy must act. With a voudou woman who lives down the lane as an ally, Jimmy must fight for the life of this supernatural child, but at what cost?