Trigger Warnings

Trigger Warnings

 The Marker Chronicles

Sorrow's Point: Spousal abuse, sexual abuse (mentioned), domestic violence, religious abuse, gore, demonic possession, exorcism, torture, cannibalism.

Sorrow's Edge: Satanic Panic references, animal abuse, welfare of children, demonic possession, exorcism.

Sorrow's Turn: Religious abuse, corpse desecration, child abuse (mentioned), demonic possession, exorcism.

Sorrow's Lie: Religious threats, racism, child welfare, zombies, voudou, kidnapping.

Sorrow's Fall: Religous blasphemy, pro-satanism, norse gods, torture, rape, brainwashing, Stockholm Syndrome, death.

Stand Alone Novels

Riding on the Tail of the Devil: Homelessness, rape, molestation of children, torture.

Maw: rape, gang life, brainwashing techniques, gore.

Constructing Marcus: eating disorders, gaslighting, threats, child abuse, child welfare, grooming.

Horses: serial killer, gore.

Short Stories

Papap's Teeth: violent attack, vampire attack, hauntings, wiggling things.

Note from Author: This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is just the things I can imagine stand out. I hope this list helps people decide if my books will be right for them.