Upcoming Stuff for Spring

Well, let's see. There is a list.  

Constructing Marcus is going to be re-released by Ellysian Press. Not sure of the release date yet.  

Maw is set for a 2017 release with Ellysian Press.  

Sorrow's Turn will be released in 2017 (Currently estimated for Spring) by City Owl Press.

 I am working on re-editing Tail of the Devil back into an adult Urban Fantasy. So, those of you that have the YA version will now have a collector's item. The new version will now be known as Riding on the Tail of the Devil. 

And, Dancing with a Dead Horse has been re-titled as Horses and I will be pursuing a new publisher.

I will likely have news of some signings for the coming year, and I will post them here and on the newsletter when I know more. :)